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    • Who wants to be the one to tell him that with the orbital elevator falling down on the planet, there is a fair chance that his family could be dead also?
    • Primarily because you aren't picking between e.g. a Klemm and a Hun, you're picking between spending TV on the Klemm or spending it on something else Northern (I ignore sublists because they don't really belong in any discussion of balanced gameplay). I will mention units for other sides when I feel it's useful to illustrate something about the unit I'm spotlighting (e.g. when I was talking about just how bad the Striking Cobra is, I mentioned the Destroyer Grizzly) but generally I'm not sure that it would be useful to know that e.g. a CEF HPC-64 is much better than a NuCoal Samson. I suppose there's the whole question of 'which side should I play' or 'what should I spend my real world cash on' but that's a totally separate issue I could write blogposts on for days.
    • Nice Klemm review. One thing I notice you don't generally do with your reviews, though, is compare a vehicle and its variants to comparable vehicles in other armies. I assume it's intentional -any reason why? Could be an interesting thing to discuss. Might also be interesting to discuss vehicles that a spot-lit model is especially vulnerable to!
    • New Spotlight is up. Is this my first non-gear spotlight? I think it might be. It's the Northern Klemm!
    • As promised in our last Jovian Wars update post, here is a preview of the CEGA and Jovian Decal Sheets. The CEGA Decal Sheet includes 2 of each of the CEGA ship names from the Kickstarter and 2 sets of numbers, plus various size logos (half facing left and half facing right) to place on both sides of the ships. The Jovian Decal Sheet includes 2 of each of the Jovian ship names plus 2 extra names we added at the bottom to balance with the CEGA sheet, and the 2 sets of numbers and various logos facing left and right to put on both sides of the ships. See how they both look in the image with this post. If you missed the Kickstarter, we have our Jovian Wars Pledge Manager open right now to Outside Backers until this Monday, May 29th, 2017, when it will be locked. Here is a link to the Jovian Wars Pledge Manager for all those interested in becoming an Outside Backer. We'll start shipping Kickstarter Backer Reward Packages later in June and Outside Backer packages right after all the original Kickstarter Backer packages have shipped. After that these great new spaceship models will only become available starting later in August after their official release at Gen Con, in a series of releases in the months following.