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    • He has product behind him...
    • Today I finished a muddy General Early with a 75mm Cannon
    • Mattieu sat back from the console and pondered if there was a way to increase the resolution, but he knew this solution was kitbashed as it was.  His eyes wandered around the screen until they settled on the large grouping of badges near his quarters.  He pondered a moment more, then sat forward, verifying that the readout from his kludge was still recording and also marking which sensors were giving off the spurious readings.  Unstrapping, Mattieu pushed himself back over to his quarter's door.  After a quick check of the various items hung off his belt, he opened the door and snuck a peak into the hallway.  The gaggle of people were easy enough to see a little ways down, entering into someone's room.  A marine remained stationed by the doorway, and seeing Mattieu, he glared a stern look towards him.  Mattieu held up his hands as if to say "I wasn't going to do anything!"  The marine continued to keep watch towards Mattieu.  Pantomiming further, Mattieu gesticulated questions – Should I come over there?  Do you need assistance?  Any sitrep update?  Getting frustrated, the Marine looked back into the room, and moved halfway towards Mattieu's quarters.  "What?" "Are we still on lockdown?" asked Mattieu. "Did you hear an announcement from the Captain?" "No..." "Then yes!"  With that, the Marine turned his back and returned to the door, paying Mattieu no more heed.  Mattieu also turned to give one more glance at the monitor, then pulled back into the room out of sight, but left the door open, listening.  And so it was that he saw Coney and Serber pass by guiding something wrapped in bedsheets, and receiving an even stronger stern look from the marine as they floated by. 
    • This gear looks great! The extra options for the arm is also a good detail. Now, I would advice to see if you can get the pin in the elbow, without the square bit of the arm, because if you turn the arm (less than 90º) there will be unaligned corners. Better the entire upper arm a single piece with the hole and the lower arm and elbow with the peg. If it can not be done maybe add a cylindrical spacer/gap (as a base for the peg maybe) between the parts to make it look right if turning the lower arm in less than 90º positions.    Edit, seen it again the lower arm have a smaller square... even then I thin it is better if it looks like it have a cylindrical part there.
    • That actually looks pretty badass. And I don't own an Argos so it's gonna be tempting. You kinda had a perfect opportunity to reveal a NEW PRDF gear though, like releasing the updated and ready for deployment Myrmidon or Agamemnon or something.   Fingers crossed for the Spartan or Jackal.